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Three scholarship grant of € 1.000,00 (one thousand euro) are offered by the Scientific Committee of the Symposium for the best three abstracts presented.
Elegible applicants are individual members, with maximum of 35 years of age, from Latin America countries.

For each applicant, the Secretariat of the Symposium ( should receive :
  1. Name, address, fax and phone number, date of birth and short CV;
  2. Name and address of the institution where he/she works or university where she/he is enroled.
The formal request should be accompanied by:
  1. A copy of the original abstract form (in English), completed in accordance with the instructions given by the Organizers of the Symposium.
The applicant must be the first name among  the Authors of the abstract.

By April 30th, 2017 the Secretariat of Symposium will inform the applicants of the result of the examination by the Scientific Committee.

Successful applicants will receive information on the conditions and uses of the lump sum.

Non successful applicants will also be advised by the date. Failure to obtain a scholarship does not entail the removal of the abstract.


If you wish to make a scientific contribution, please send an English abstract to the organisers before January 31st, 2017. The abstract should consist of one page as shown in the specimen. The abstract will be used by the scientific committee to determine the final acceptance of the oral presentations or posters. In addition, the abstract will be handed out during the Symposium to all participants.

Please send your abstract as an attachment by e-mail to:

Attention: the text should be prepared as a Microsoft Word file (Rich Text Format, rtf); abstracts prepared with Apple Macintosh are not acceptable. The authors will be informed about the acceptance of their contribution before March 31st , 2017. If necessary, an abstract may be updated after confirmation of its acceptance and the revised version can be sent until May, 30th , 2017.

Full Paper

If you wish to make a scientific contribution (oral paper or poster), please send by e-mail an English Abstract according to the following instructions together with your pre-registration until March 1, 2017 (deadline for acceptance). The whole text should be written in single spacing on one side (use DIN A4 paper size, 21 x 29 cm). Leave margins of 2.5 cm on each side of the paper, use Times New Roman 12 pt and an indentation of 0.5 cm in the first line of each paragraph. The abstract should be sent as a Word RTF file to

The full paper has to be handed to the organisers during the Symposium. Papers received after this date will not be included in the Proceedings. Please keep strictly to the Instructions for Authors. The Proceedings of the Symposium will then be printed and mailed to all full participants as soon as possible, planned for the March of 2017. Instructions for the full papers are to be found below.


Facilities for beamer presentations, overhead projection and slides are available. If you require additional technical equipment (e.g., video recorder) please contact us in advance and we will try to provide it.


Posters will be put on display during the whole Symposium. The size of the posters will be communicated in the 3rd circular. There will be a competition for the best poster.


The working language of the Symposium is English.