Known as the largest manufacturer of top quality cashmere in the western world and the number one purchaser of the world’s finest Merino wools in Australia and New Zealand, Loro Piana’s heritage, traditions, and reputation are all based on its guiding philosophy: pioneering research into the finest materials, and the utmost respect for nature and its gifts.

These include the world’s noblest fibers, from the Hircus goat, Merino sheep and vicuña, all sourced in their countries of origin and harvested using sustainable methods in partnership with local herders, breeders and populations, united in an ongoing commitment to raise standards of quality.

This quality is what Loro Piana guarantees to its customers, with ranges of luxury clothing and accessories made exclusively in Italy and distributed through a worldwide network of more than 150 directly operated stores and select wholesalers.



Partnerships of more than 30 years’ standing with breeders in Australia and New Zealand guarantee Loro Piana access to the world’s finest Merino wools, symbolized by the “Record Bale”: the 100 kilo bale of the world’s finest wool which the company has secured for the last 19 years. The breeders who produce this fiber receive the “Record Bale” award from Loro Piana in acknowledgment of their tireless commitment to quality, which has resulted in an increase of more than 20% in wool fineness in less than 20 years.

On the strength of this positive experience, we introduced “The Loro Piana Cashmere of the Year Award” for the Chinese breeders of Hircus goats who have adopted the “Loro Piana Method”, a modern system of selective breeding designed to optimize the quality of cashmere produced in the Alashan area (Alxa League). This program, launched in 2009, now extends to Inner Mongolia and XinJiang, thanks to agreements with the Inner Mongolia Academy of Sciences and the Xinjiang Academy of Sciences.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Camerino in Italy, the Jilin Agricultural University in China, and the ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), the Loro Piana method has led to significant improvements in the fineness of cashmere fiber over a period of 5 years. Raising a smaller number of goats enables the herdsmen to achieve higher quality fiber, which in turn spells a better standard of living for the local communities, and helps restore the complex balance between the animals and their habitat.



Loro Piana is also known for having contributed to saving the vicuña from extinction. Sacred to the Incas, and slaughtered for years by the conquistadores first and by poachers in recent years, the vicuña was at risk of dying out altogether until 1994, when Loro Piana, at the head of a consortium, won the competition run by the Peruvian Government and gained the exclusive rights to purchase and process vicuña fibre. The animals were entrusted to the local people, who in return for safeguarding them, are guaranteed an income from the proceeds of shearing live vicuñas. This initiative is still running and has now been extended to other countries like Bolivia.

Loro Piana has continued to honor its commitment to the Queen of the Andes: in 2008 we established the first private nature reserve in Peru, the “Reserva Dr. Franco Loro Piana”, where the number of animals continues to rise. In 2013 we also acquired a company in Argentina that has permission to shear the vicuñas – more than 4,500 head – which live wild on the land it has the rights to.